Spreading some #PDXLove with messages of hope

In tough times, the greater Portland region comes together to bring joy, hope and comfort to our friends and neighbors. It’s the PDX way. This community love has been even more evident as we all work together to stop the spread of COVID-19.

At the Portland International Airport, for example, we’ve seen TSA and other federal partners go above and beyond to spread love to airport employees in need. And we witnessed at Southwest Airlines employee do anything possible to help a man get to his mother at a time she needed him most.

And throughout the region, the community is finding so many creative ways to share messages of hope to bring a smile to others during trying times. From florists bringing joy through #flowertourpdx, to neighborhood driveways lined with inspiring chalk art, we’re all finding ways to come together while staying physically apart.

We were inspired by this community creativity, so we got a little creative ourselves with some window displays inside the PDX terminal.

If you’re working or traveling through PDX in the future, be sure to turn around and look up after you get beyond security. Just as you pass through the TSA checkpoint, you’ll find sticky-note inspired messages of hope in the windows — celebrating all the things that make our region great, from roses to Mt. Hood. And even the retro PDX carpet.

How have you been showing your love and hope for the region? Post on social media using #PDXLove — we’d love to reshare your creative designs.

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