Leonis Williams brought his #SouthwestHeart to help a traveler in need

Times are tough right now, but our PDX community is strong and full of heart.

Recently, a gentleman approached the Southwest Airlines ticket counter at PDX wanting to purchase airfare to Minneapolis-St. Paul. His mother was in the hospital there and had tested positive for COVID-19. He hoped he would be able to afford the last-minute flight, but unfortunately neither his funds nor his Rapid Rewards points were able to cover the cost.

Leonis Williams came to the rescue. He couldn’t stand by and leave this man in distress. Leonis purchased a one-way ticket for the man using his own points, believing it was the least he could do to give the gentleman a chance to see his mother at least one more time.

As his manager shared with us, “This would not have been possible if Leonis did not show his #SouthwestHeart.”

Thank you, Leonis, for connecting people to what’s important in life.

❤️ 💛 💙 

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