Discover How Dutch Bros Design Brings You PDX

If you fly or work at Portland International Airport, you’ll feel right at home in the new Dutch Bros Coffee in PDX Travel Center.

That’s no coincidence. Kevin Murphy designed it that way. As location owner, he wanted to create a public space instilling pride in PDX travelers and workers.

Design elements include:

  • Backlit “PDX” letters signifying the airport’s code, including embedded photos portraying our Portland lifestyle; all accented by a Portland skyline airbrushed on the brick wall below.
  • Digital PDX flight arrival and departure information; local weather forecasts, and national flight delays.
  • Comfy leather chairs nestled in refurbished wood and iron constructed by local builders and fabricators.
  • Arrows portraying runway and taxiway signage, guiding you to and from the coffee counter.
  • Carvings and welcoming mats featuring PDX’s world-famous carpet design, presented in Dutch Bros brand colors.
  • Shipping container doors leading to the stockroom, paying homage to the shipping industry in Portland and alluding to this Dutch Bros location on Northeast Air Cargo Road. As for container markings: Est 1992—when Dutch Bros was founded; #305—the store number; OR WA ID NV AZ CO—states where you’ll find Dutch Bros; and BRA SLV CO—countries supplying the coffee beans.

That’s just a taste. Look close, as more design delights await close inspection when you visit.

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