For Portland Coffee Roasters, it’s about a lot more than coffee

During these uncertain times, we are all trying to find joy in the little things. For some, that might include homemade art with family. For others, it’s enjoying all the blossoming flowers during a walk in your neighborhood. And for many, joy comes in the form of a perfectly blended cup of coffee.

While the Portland International Airport (PDX) is much quieter right now, one local company is still bringing caffeinated joy to airport employees and travelers. Portland Coffee Roasters has remained open – continuing to spread hope in the universal language of coffee.

The reason the coffee company kept the lights on at PDX is pretty simple.

“Coffee is essential. Period.” That’s something employees hear at PDX at least once a day.

Portland Coffee Roasters staff with Port of Portland police officers during a Coffee With A Cop event in April 2019.

As Portland Coffee Roasters continues to show up for the airport employees and travelers, their employees are grateful for the opportunity to bring a little stability, calm and joy to their customers in these uncertain times.

“We consider it a privilege to still be working and able to take care of both our own families and those coming through the airport,” an employee shared with us.

At the same time, while coffee is essential, keeping the doors open during a pandemic is about a lot more than providing perfectly blended brews. Since 1996, Portland Coffee Roasters has been an important fabric of the PDX community, and the company believes it is more important than ever to give back to the region it calls home.

The Jupiter Hotel in Southeast Portland is located just around the corner from Portland Coffee Roasters headquarters. When they found out the hotel was offering 81 rooms to host people experiencing homelessness who are sick or higher risk during the pandemic, Portland Coffee Roasters followed their lead and donated coffee for the guests, hotel staff and volunteers. The coffee company has also increased its support for Urban Gleaners – bringing the joy of coffee to many more during a difficult time.

We are all finding ways to appreciate and connect with our neighbors and local small businesses right now, and it’s evident Portland Coffee Roasters is no exception. Still, if there’s one thing this pandemic has reminded us, it’s that we must act local and think global. We’re all connected – and where goods like toilet paper, medical supplies and coffee comes from matters.

That core truth has been the center of Portland Coffee Roasters’ mission for years. The company works to ensure the families who grow the coffee you love have the resources they need to thrive. Four times a year, Portland Coffee Roasters releases a seasonal coffee from a different part of the world. Each coffee has a special story about where it comes from and how it’s produced and crafted.

“We want to make sure all our origin projects we do in different countries benefit and support families including men, women and children in coffee-growing communities,” said Eva Attia, the company’s VP of Sales, Marketing and Retail.

Women are the backbone of coffee production in Latin America, and with March being Women’s History Month, Portland Coffee Roasters decided to release the spring season’s limited-edition coffee to honor their achievements.

The blend, “Coffee by 32 Women,” is grown by Sumac Warmi, a group of 32 women growers in the growing region of San Ignacio, Cajamarca, Peru. Situated in the Andes Mountains, Cajamarca’s high altitude and fertile soil make for some high-quality coffee.

If you happen to be working at or traveling through PDX this month, be sure to stop by Portland Coffee Roasters to pick up the Coffee by 32 Women blend and thank the workers who continue to brew up your favorite drink of choice.

Coffee can bring us together in so many ways. Portland Coffee Roasters is providing some much-needed caffeine and connection for travelers and airport employees – and we’re so grateful for their team.

The feeling is mutual. As Attia shared with us, “We feel fortunate to be a part of the PDX community, as we go through this journey during this challenging time. We are grateful for the positive energy and spirit of Portlanders who work in PDX more than ever before. Thank you everyone for your continuous support!”

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