What’s New with PDX Next (Updated Sept. 3)

Something to Smile about in September

Meet 3 Artists Bringing PNW-inspired Work to PDX

Fresh art is coming to the airport this fall. And much like the recently unveiled designs for the main terminal, the artists behind the new works are taking inspiration from a wide range of natural phenomena. 

Keep an eye out for pieces by Perez Westbrooks, Ben Butler and DeWitt Godfrey the next time you head to the new Rental Car Center. One is a series of large-scale digital art prints meant to reflect growth in the Portland region. Another is a striking wooden mural that mimics organic patterns, and the third is a massive steel honeycomb-like structure.

This is all part of the continued growth of the PDX Art Program, which welcomes rising and acclaimed names to create work for gallery-like displays and unconventional installations throughout our concourses and common spaces. Read the article and go behind the scenes with the three artists to get to know who they are and what they have in the works.

Construction Impacts to Expect

For your safety, do not enter construction areas. To avoid serious injury, never cross a construction rope, barricade or fence to enter a construction site. We don’t want you to get hurt!

To help you plan for what’s ahead, we’re listing construction impacts in order by date. These updates are posted once a month, but information is constantly evolving – you’re encouraged to check back periodically to see what’s new, noted in red.

North Bypass Connector Opens Tuesday, Sept. 14

In April, we closed the beloved Concourse Connector so it could be repurposed to create two new bypasses that will take employees and passengers safely around the main terminal construction.

On Tuesday, Sept. 14, you’ll see the first of those bypass connectors open on the north side of the terminal. Some important things will remain the same – namely, access to restrooms and concessions – but there will be a few changes.

To get to Concourse D, you’ll now turn right after exiting the D/E checkpoint. You’ll enter the bypass connector near Gate E2 and will exit near Gate D3. This walk will take a few extra minutes, so give yourself additional time if you’re clocking in for work. If you’re a PDX red badge holder, you can still use the alternate access doors next to the checkpoint.

While there will be signage and barriers in place, there’s nothing as helpful to bewildered travelers as a kind and knowledgeable PDX employee. If you see a puzzled passenger, please take a moment to stop and help. If you work pre-security, giving passengers flying out of Concourse D a heads up before they go through the checkpoint is also a great way to minimize confusion. You can also advise travelers with mobility issues to contact their airlines for wheelchair service if needed.

When the bypass connector opens, your new route will draw you in with dozens of delightful illustrations from artist Vee Chenting Qian. See if you can find the one with the accordion-playing beer! 

The south bypass connector is expected to open in mid-October – we’ll keep you posted on timing and relevant updates. Both bypass connectors will be in place until we open the new main terminal in 2025.

Anticipate Noise, Vibrations from Construction Activities

Starting the week of Sept. 6, new pile driving activity in the alley will cause some noise and shaking. You’ll hear and feel the greatest impacts around the former Sound Balance space on Concourse C. 

Concessions Departures, Arrivals and Moves

Fall is on the horizon, bringing us highly anticipated sweater weather, as well as several new and returning concessions.

Jackson Shine Co. will soon move a bit further west on Concourse C, just to the other side of the Alaska Lounge.

Get the Latest PDX Next News in 30 Minutes

Want the inside scoop on construction at PDX? Jen Reynolds with the Port of Portland along with Pat Bifone and Caitlin Powell of Hoffman-Skanska will share the latest construction updates and answer your questions about PDX Next in just 30 minutes. They’ll even give you an early look at architectural renderings and share some behind-the-scenes photos and videos!

Grab a cup of coffee on the last Tuesday of every month and join us to learn how we’re bringing new airport designs to life together. The next update is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 10:30 a.m. Use this link to join the meeting on Sept. 28.

Missed the August forum? Watch the recording now.

Got PDX Next Questions? We’ve Got Answers

See something you’re curious about or have a suggestion that’s related to PDX Next construction? If you have a comment, question or non-urgent concern, the PDX Next construction hotline at 503.460.4339 is the best number to call. If you prefer email, send a note to hello@pdxnext.com.

For immediate safety concerns, call the PDX Communication Center’s non-emergency number at 503.460.4747. For life-threatening issues or medical, fire or police emergencies, call the emergency line at 503.460.4000.