Arriving Soon: Concessions Bring Drinks, Donuts, Dolmades and More!

You may have noticed some recent concessions departures: Kiehl’s on Concourse C and Peet’s Coffee on Concourse D. But there’s good news ahead – we’ve got the scoop on several new and returning concessions to look forward to in the coming months.

While Timberline will close on Concourse D on Monday, Sept. 6, they’ll reopen in a kiosk on Concourse C just a few days later. They’ll keep you stocked with a selection of locally-crafted souvenirs and snacks until their permanent storefront opens on Concourse C in October.

Craving something new for lunch? Starting Tuesday, Sept. 14, we’re bringing a food truck to the PDX roadway, Aybla Grill. You might remember them from their time in the PDX food court – who will serve up delectable Greek and Mediterranean food. Be on the lookout for the cart on the lower roadway Monday through Thursday during lunch hours.

Coffee favorite, Starbucks, will land on Concourse E in late September. And to sweeten the deal, Blue Star Donuts will open a location on Concourse E in October.

Maybe you’re craving family-inspired Vietnamese classics? From pho to banh mi you can find all your favorites at Bambuza in Concourse C…and Concourse E when it opens in late October.

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