Thank You, Oregon Public Health & Frontline Workers

Sunday, Feb. 28, marks the one-year anniversary of Oregon’s first case of COVID-19. It’s been a difficult year for our region, one filled with tremendous sacrifice and loss. As we reflect on this last year, we want to recognize and celebrate our public health workers who have worked tirelessly to protect our communities.

Their work, which too often falls behind the scenes, has saved countless lives. To all these unsung heroes, we say thank you.

“You’ve spent time away from your families and loved ones to support our community. We owe each and every one of you a debt of gratitude,” said Kristen Leonard, chief public affairs officer at the Port.

In the words of Dan Pippenger, the Port’s chief operating officer, “I am deeply indebted to the healthcare workers who have sacrificed so much to help our entire community. Your service will always be honored.”

We also thank the thousands of frontline workers at PDX and our marine terminals who have continued to keep our community safe and moving — getting nurses to states hit hard by the pandemic and bringing medical supplies into the region when they were needed most.

“I want to thank the frontline workers, health professionals, as well as workers out at Portland International Airport, who worked tirelessly to protect the health and safety of our community. You saved thousands of lives — and we’re grateful,” said executive director Curtis Robinhold.

Your commitment and sacrifice in service to Oregonians are greatly appreciated. Join us in thanking the region’s public health workers by sharing your gratitude and using #ThankYouORPubHealth on social media.

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