Our Most Read Stories in 2020

Unprecedented. Difficult. Unusual. Heartbreaking. Plenty of words have been tossed around to describe 2020. After reviewing the stories that were read the most on this blog, however, we think stories of hope and kindness are what resonated most with readers this year.

Here are the seven most popular stories on Portside in 2020.

Meet Some of the Small Businesses that Built Concourse E at PDX

It took 1,500 days and more than 2,000 people to bring Concourse E to life. Many of those workers represented local small businesses from the region. We are grateful we had a partner in Skanska – the prime contractor for this work – to help us engage and celebrate these companies.

PDX People: Four Stories of Extraordinary Customer Service

From losing a precious belonging to facing an upset child in a sticky situation, when passengers find themselves in less-than-ideal circumstances, PDX People come through with problem-solving skills and empathy.

A Small Gesture From South Korea Goes a Long Way

Shawn Kim is the deputy director of the Port of Portland’s Korea Representative Office. With a rambunctious 2-year-old in the house, Shawn and his family had been stuck inside doing their part to slow the spread of the virus. However, that didn’t stop Shawn from thinking about his colleagues here in Oregon.

A New Concourse E at PDX, a Lifetime of Memories for Those Who Built It

For a number of folks at the Port of Portland, who worked from conception to completion to bring Concourse E to life, this project has been a team effort – one built in an environment of mutual respect and partnership. Hear what some of these employees have to say about the creation of Concourse E – from their best moments to how they faced unexpected challenges, all while staying true to the collaborative spirit that’s a hallmark of this project.

TSA Spreads the Love to PDX Employees During Pandemic

In April, TSA employees at PDX contributed money to purchase meals for airport employees who are keeping the airport operational. The decision to give back was an easy one. They remember the many ways PDX rallied in support of TSA employees who worked without paychecks during the government shutdown in early 2019, which lasted 35 days. 

How Deputy Fire Marshal Lani Hill Inspires the Next Generation

Port of Portland Deputy Fire Marshal Lani Hill is passionate about three things: her job as Deputy Fire Marshal, empowering young girls and saving lives. She’s quite good at all three of them.

For Portland Coffee Roasters, it’s About a Lot More Than Coffee

While PDX is much quieter right now, one local company is still bringing caffeinated joy to airport employees and travelers. Portland Coffee Roasters has remained open – continuing to spread hope in the universal language of coffee. The reason the coffee company kept the lights on at PDX is pretty simple. “Coffee is essential. Period.” That’s something employees hear at PDX at least once a day.

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