Shopping the Best of PDX – Local Experts Offer Gifting Tips

We invited some local experts to share how they approach gift giving, their favorite spots at Portland International Airport and more in this holiday round-up. Read on to learn how these fashionistas and foodies shop and eat local.


Style blogger Julianne Robinson (Pictured above.) 

Instagram: @stylebyjulianne

There is no better local gift than a Pendleton blanket! Not only is Pendleton iconic and such a recognizable Portland brand, they make the most durable and functional pieces, not to mention they’re quite eye catching. It’s such an easy go-to for the holiday season because who doesn’t love a beautiful Pendleton piece? Local or not.”

Q: Do you have a favorite place to shop or dine at PDX? 

A: I love Elephants Delicatessen as I have frequented their various locations throughout my entire life. Their cafes are inviting, comfortable, and they have the cutest French bistro chairs that make for the best photographs (#bloggerlife). Oh, and their food is to die for! I especially love their breakfast options on a chilly Portland morning.

Q: What type of gifts do you like to receive?

A: I love to receive anything that has meaning behind it, that I can also get some good use out of: a fun mug from your travels, or a quality piece of clothing.


Blogger Candace Molatore

Instagram: @hey.candace

“So many of my favorite local businesses have gift cards which is, in my opinion, a very underrated gift! To me a gift card says, ‘I know you’ll like what this shop has to offer so go there, get something you love and be amazed.’”

Q: Do you have a favorite shop or place to dine at PDX?

I always make a stop at Kenny and Zuke’s Deli when I’m on my way out of PDX. Can’t go wrong with their amazing Rueben!

Q: Are you a last-minute holiday shopper?

I am the total opposite of a last-minute shopper. I like to have my gifts purchased by Black Friday.


Mixologist and blogger Kimberly Lashbrook

Instagram: @chix.ology

“My favorite place to shop at the airport is House Spirits Distillery. I love that people can sample local spirits upon arrival.”

Q: What type of gifts do you like to receive?  

Well, I could state the obvious: cocktail-related ideas. But there’s also nothing better than a gift card to one of our amazing restaurants. I’m often more excited about experiences than wrapped gifts.

Q: What’s your favorite holiday cocktail?

I make new ones every year. Last year I did a Thanksgiving drink with gin, sage, prosecco, and cranberry ice spheres.


Food and lifestyle blogger Jenny Ross

Instagram: @eatrichordietryin

“Aside from food and beverage gifts, I love giving presents that can be used right away. I love seasonal appropriate gifts such as Pendleton throw blankets or a Portland Gear beanie or long sleeve shirt. My friends and family are also big foodies, so I often give jars of goodies or bottles of local wine.”

Q: Do you have a favorite shop or place to dine at PDX?

I am absolutely obsessed with Tender Loving Empire. This is a shop I would go to outside the airport so it’s very convenient for me. They sell health/beauty products, local goodies, and serve as more of a one-stop shop. As far as dining goes, it’s so hard to choose but Country Cat has been a go-to for me more recently. How can you pass up some biscuits and gravy or fried chicken? Unfortunately, I am terrible at time management, so I usually arrive super early or cut it close when I travel. For a quick stop, which is usually where I find myself, the Capers market market is great to pick up a healthy snack.

Q: What food-related gifts do you like to give or get?

Almost all my gifts end up being food and beverage related – surprise, surprise. I love giving out jars of ground-up nut butters or local bee honey as stocking stuffers or just-because gifts. For something larger, depending on the person, a nice bottle of whiskey like Westward, or a bottle of Oregon wine is always a win. For non-drinkers, I get creative and will do baskets of gift cards to certain restaurants, Alma Chocolate, Olympia Provisions’ meats for charcuterie or treats that can make up one grand gift.


Fashion blogger Linnea Havener

Instagram: @velvetandsequins

“My favorite local gifts to give are wines, chocolates and coffees from companies in the area. They make great stocking stuffers and add-on gifts!”

Q: Do you have a favorite shop or place to dine at PDX?

Whenever I visit the airport, I love grabbing a coffee from Peet’s and then stopping by Powell’s. I believe you always need at least one book for your trip, so it is the perfect place to go pick one up!


Fashion and lifestyle blogger Sam Landreath

With Nick Livingston; Instagram:

Instagram: @samlandreth

“I usually head to Powell’s or Tender Loving Empire and pick out candles, pins and prints from local shops. These are generally gifts everyone loves and I get to support a small business in the process.”

Q: What type of gifts do you like to receive?  

Candles, books, records and home decoration items.

Q: Are you a last-minute holiday shopper?

I actually start shopping months in advance and get everything picked out for everyone on a spreadsheet. Ha, ha! Picking out gifts unique to friends/family is one of my most favorite things!

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