What’s New with PDX Next (Updated Oct. 15)

Something to Smile about in October

Work in Progress Update: Constructing the Curvy “Cassettes”

Last time we visited the roof in progress was back in July. We’re excited to share some updated photos as the construction continues on the unique, undulating roof.

You can see work on the skylights, invoking the feel of a walk through the forests of the Pacific Northwest, with dappled rays pouring in from overhead. Read the full story about the problem-solving, fabrication and ongoing assembly process of the roof.

Concessions Arrivals

As you likely heard, there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming months. The Lardo kiosk is now open on Concourse E. The InMotion kiosk is open on Concourse D and their storefront opens in early December. We’ll see the Timberline store open on Concourse C in the next week.

In late October, get ready for the re-opening of the Hollywood Theatre on Concourse C. Later this fall, Bambuza, Stumptown and Blue Star will all open on Concourse E.

Scaffolding Removal

Starting the week of Oct. 25, removal begins on the scaffolding in the ticket lobby. Beginning on the south end and moving north, we expect to have it removed before the busy Thanksgiving travel days.

Restrooms Reopening

The upgraded restrooms near C3 are anticipated to open mid-November. Following that, the restrooms near D2 will also open.

Concourse B Opens in December

After saying goodbye to Concourse A almost two years ago, we’ve been working hard to replace it with a bigger, more beautiful Concourse B, filled with light, panoramic views and art (not to mention outposts of Screen Door Restaurant and Good Coffee, which open in Spring 2022). You’ll finally get to see the results in December and welcome Alaska Airlines to their new digs as they operate short regional flights out of the six gates. If you have a little extra time, come have a look. And if you don’t want to wait until December, check out our preview on PDXnext.com.

Project Milestones

Bypasses Open Creating Safe Routes Around Construction

In April, we closed the beloved Concourse Connector so it could be repurposed to create two new bypasses that will take employees and passengers safely around the main terminal construction. Now, both bypasses are open, featuring delightful illustrations from artist Vee Chenting Qian along the corridors.

As a reminder, the north and south bypass connectors will be in place until we open the new main terminal in 2025.

Get the Latest PDX Next News in 30 Minutes

Want the inside scoop on construction at PDX? Jen Reynolds with the Port of Portland along with Pat Bifone and Caitlin Powell of Hoffman-Skanska will share the latest construction updates and answer your questions about PDX Next in just 30 minutes. They’ll even give you an early look at architectural renderings and share some behind-the-scenes photos and videos!

Grab a cup of coffee on the last Tuesday of every month and join us to learn how we’re bringing new airport designs to life together. The next update is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 26 at 10:30 a.m. Use this link to join the meeting on Oct. 26.

Missed the September forum? Watch the recording now.

Got PDX Next Questions? We’ve Got Answers

See something you’re curious about or have a suggestion that’s related to PDX Next construction? If you have a comment, question or non-urgent concern, the PDX Next construction hotline at 503.460.4339 is the best number to call. If you prefer email, send a note to hello@pdxnext.com.

For immediate safety concerns, call the PDX Communication Center’s non-emergency number at 503.460.4747. For life-threatening issues or medical, fire or police emergencies, call the emergency line at 503.460.4000.