What’s New with PDX Next (Updated Dec. 10)

Something to Smile about in December

Two years ago, PDX demolished Concourse A to replace it with a bigger, brighter one. On Wednesday Dec. 8 we said hello to Concourse B and ten new gates for Alaska Airlines and Horizons Air flights. Everything in the interior space is about putting travelers and employees in a good mood: panoramic views, high ceilings, natural light, leafy foliage, more seats with charging stations and some of Portland’s best food and drinks when Screen Door and Good Coffee open in Spring 2022.

Contributing to the unique look and feel of the new concourse is the permanent art installation by Tacoma-based artist RYAN! Feddersen titled “Inhabitance.” Three interactive elements span the area: lenticular portraits that shift as you walk past them, rainbow-dappled sky with shimmering glass clouds and carved wooden tiles with patterns symbolizing different kinds of Northwest terrain.

To celebrate the opening of Concourse B, we designed and printed a commemorative newspaper illustrated by local artists. View an online copy of the newspaper or stop by the newsstand in Concourse B before noon on Monday, Dec. 13, to snag your own copy!

New Concessions Arrive at PDX

Feeling famished? Or looking for a great holiday gift? Look no further than your nearest concourse! Some recent highlights include Concourse E additions Blue Star Donuts, Lardo and Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen. Coming later this month, InMotion in Concourse D opens its new location.

Construction Impacts to Expect

For your safety, do not enter construction areas. To avoid serious injury, never cross a construction rope, barricade or fence to enter a construction site. We don’t want you to get hurt!

To help you plan for what’s ahead, we’re listing construction impacts in order by date. These updates are posted once a month, but information is constantly evolving – you’re encouraged to check back periodically to see what’s new, noted in red.

Concourse C

With the completion of Concourse B, the end of Concourse C will revert back to regular gates. Temporary walls will go up first and work will continue through late spring.

Roof Work

You likely noticed the elevator on the upper roadway. It’s there to help bring equipment and supplies up to the roof as work continues in preparation for the new main terminal and the curvy roof installation. Additionally, there will be increased overhead work in the ticket lobby during the day.

Bag Road and Baggage Claim

Baggage carousel 4 remains closed for HVAC upgrading. It’s targeted to re-open early 2022.

You can see two Y-shaped mega columns in this rendering.

Baggage claim 10 is also closed, coinciding with a few projects including mega column work. This affects the exterior as well, closing the west lane of main bag road on the north end. Flaggers will be in place for the first few weeks. Both the lane and carousel closures will last for about four months.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “What exactly is a mega column?” They are giant Y-shaped columns that will support the future roof. They’ll rest in 150-foot deep pile caps and are independent from the existing structure – that’s part of meeting the requirements to make the new main terminal seismically resilient.

New Main Terminal Demolition

Over in former Clocktower Plaza, the soft demolition is finishing up which means the “hard demo” – that’s where they’ll start removing more structural components – will begin in earnest in early 2022.

First, temporary weather walls will go up to help reduce sound and impacts from the elements. You can expect to hear loud noises and experience vibration from time to time, especially in the ticket lobby and around the TSA checkpoints.

Project Milestones

New Rental Car Center Streamlines Passenger Experience

In November, we officially opened our latest PDX Next improvement: the bright and beautiful new rental car center. Now travelers will be able to get in and out of PDX faster with all of our rental car partners on-site – no more shuttles! This means if a traveler asks where to pick up their rental, you can point them to the same place, no matter which company they’re using.

Get the Latest PDX Next News in 30 Minutes

Want the inside scoop on construction at PDX? Jen Reynolds with the Port of Portland along with Pat Bifone and Caitlin Powell of Hoffman-Skanska will share the latest construction updates and answer your questions about PDX Next in just 30 minutes. They’ll even give you an early look at architectural renderings and share some behind-the-scenes photos and videos!

Grab a cup of coffee on the last Tuesday of every month and join us to learn how we’re bringing new airport designs to life together. The next update is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 28 at 10:30 a.m. Use this link to join the meeting on Dec. 28.

Missed the November forum? Watch the recording now.

Got PDX Next Questions? We’ve Got Answers

See something you’re curious about or have a suggestion that’s related to PDX Next construction? If you have a comment, question or non-urgent concern, the PDX Next construction hotline at 503.460.4339 is the best number to call. If you prefer email, send a note to hello@pdxnext.com.

For immediate safety concerns, call the PDX Communication Center’s non-emergency number at 503.460.4747. For life-threatening issues or medical, fire or police emergencies, call the emergency line at 503.460.4000.