What’s Happening with PDX Next (Updated Oct. 5)

Something to Smile About in October

Opening 2023: A new PDX employee breakroom.

The big news this month is that the Port of Portland heard your feedback and is designing a bright and comfortable new space on Concourse D for all PDX employees to take a break. We’ll keep you posted on details and design as we have them to share.

Designing the Heart of PDX

When future-you steps into the airport, you might feel like PDX has gotten a little PDX-ier — and that’s by design. The local architects behind the new main terminal are drawing inspiration from the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

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To bring this new design to life, we’ll be embarking on a big construction journey together and will do everything we can to reduce stress for you and your customers. Here’s what to expect:

  • Concourse Connector closes – January 2021
  • Clocktower Plaza closes – April 2021
  • New Rental Car Center opens – August 2021
  • Concourse B opens – October 2021
  • New roof installation – 2022
  • New roof complete – 2023
  • New main terminal opens – October 2023
  • PDX Next program complete – 2025
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Construction Impacts to Expect in October

For your safety, do not enter construction areas.
To avoid serious injury, never cross a construction rope, barricade, or fence to enter a construction site. We don’t want you to get hurt!

Concourse B/C

Starting in mid October, the B/C checkpoint will move south lane by lane. The new south exit lane will be complete in early October. These changes are necessary as we make room for the westward expansion of the terminal, which will grow by 150’ in Spring 2021.

New Passenger Bypass

This month, construction crews will start early work on two new bypasses for employees and passengers to get safely around the main terminal construction. The north bypass will connect people between gates D3 and E2 and the south bypass will connect people between gates C3 and B1. These bypasses will be built on the exterior of the current airport and will open in Summer 2021.

Fun fact: Did you know that construction crews are using the Concourse Connector (closing January 2021) to make these bypasses? That’s right, the Concourse Connector will be sustainably repurposed for this use until it returns in 2023.

Ticket Lobby

In mid November, most airline ticket counter offices will move to temporary offices in outside north baggage claim at PDX, alongside the lower roadway. The relocation coincides with construction in the North and South throats as we make room for the new terminal footprint.

Baggage Claim

The ongoing construction in south baggage claim is building out temporary spaces for the TSA break room, PDX volunteer room, employee parking office and other office spaces. Moving these offices is due to closure of the mezzanine next spring as part of the main terminal construction.

MAX Red Line

The Portland Airport station on the MAX Red Line is closure has been extended through Sunday, Jan. 3 as we demolish Concourse A. During this time, there is a PDX shuttle bus running continuously between the Mt. Hood and Portland Airport stations. Please plan to leave about 10 extra minutes for your commute.

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