What’s Happening with PDX Next (Updated Nov. 4)

Something to Smile About in November

Digital Signage Launches at PDX

We’re rolling out digital signage, just for you! You can see the first new display – integrated into a stunning rendering of the new main terminal – right now in the Badging office.

In the coming weeks, there will be four more digital signs popping up around the airport with a mix of PDX Next construction information, customer service recognition, upcoming events and much more. Look for them near bypass doors and other “back of house” parts of the terminal – places where they’ll exclusively be seen by employees.

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Construction Impacts to Expect

For your safety, do not enter construction areas. To avoid serious injury, never cross a construction rope, barricade or fence to enter a construction site. We don’t want you to get hurt!

Concourse B/C Exit Lanes

Starting now, the B/C checkpoint lanes will begin making a move to the south. By Monday, Nov. 9, all lanes will have completed their move and the new south exit lane will open. These changes are necessary as we make room for the westward expansion of the terminal, which will grow by 150’ in Spring 2021.

New Trash and Recycling Areas

On Thursday, Nov. 12, new trash and recycling areas will open on the north and south sides of the airport, and existing waste areas will permanently close to make room for the new main terminal. The good news? Access to trash and recycling will be more convenient than ever as we double the drop-off locations! More details are on the employee website.

Exterior Bypasses

This month, construction crews start early work on two new bypasses for employees and passengers to get safely around the main terminal construction. The north bypass will connect people between Gates D3 and E2, and the south bypass will connect people between Gates C3 and B1. These bypasses (seen below in purple) will be built on the exterior of the airport and will open in Summer 2021.

Fun fact: Did you know that construction crews are using the Concourse Connector (closing January 2021) to make these bypasses? That’s right, the Concourse Connector will be sustainably repurposed for this use until it returns in 2023.

Map of terminal with new bypasses indicated on either side.

Ticket Lobby

In mid November and January, airline ticket counter offices will move to temporary offices outside the north baggage claim, alongside the lower roadway. The relocation coincides with construction behind the airline counters in the north and south throats as we make room for the new main terminal.

Baggage Claim

Construction is ongoing in south baggage claim as we build out temporary spaces for the TSA break room, PDX volunteer room, employee parking office and other office spaces. These moves are related to the Spring 2021 closure of the mezzanine level for main terminal construction.

Central Receiving and Distribution Center

On Friday, Dec. 11, the new Central Receiving and Distribution Center will open for business and the existing loading dock will close. The CRDC makes deliveries efficient and easy: Anyone receiving deliveries will have access to a real-time tracking program and products can be delivered directly to storage locations or storefronts – wherever you’d like them dropped off.

MAX Red Line

The Portland Airport station on the MAX Red Line is closed through Sunday, Jan. 3 as we demolish Concourse A. During this time, there’s a PDX shuttle bus running continuously between the Mt. Hood and Portland Airport stations. Please plan to leave about 10 extra minutes for your commute.