What’s Happening With PDX Next (Updated May 29)

Southwest ticket counter makes move

Southwest successfully moved into their new ticket counter and baggage make up unit locations in advance of their move to the new Concourse E extension on July 15.

We’re looking forward to welcoming Southwest employees and passengers to their new home at PDX – with great views of Mount Hood and a new art installation by Jacob Hashimoto.

Getting ready for opening day on Concourse E

With opening day less than seven weeks away, construction crews are busy polishing terrazzo floors, installing carpet and cleaning windows. Tillamook, Jamba, Calliope and Your Northwest Travel Mart are focused on building out their spaces… and Tillamook is getting ready to serve your favorite cheese, ice cream and cheese curds at PDX.

Parking structure foundation now complete

This ground transportation project hit a big milestone last week with the completion of its foundation. Construction crews drove 1,613 steel pipe piles 150 feet into the ground – that’s about as deep as the Statue of Liberty is tall! Piles are driven with a vibratory hammer, which vibrates the pipe into the ground in just six minutes flat.

New rental car center rises up

It’s official: The new rental car center has “topped out,” which means the uppermost beam has been placed and all four floors are now complete. This will be the new home for our rental car companies as well as the PDX communications center, which houses our 911 operators. Also located inside: Port of Portland Police, Badging, TSA and other support services.

Want to watch the progress in real time? Check out the rental car center construction webcam.

Goodbye Concourse A, Hello Concourse B

In case you missed it, above is a great photo of the bittersweet Concourse A demolition. While no one will mourn its dimly lit halls, cramped seating and lack of power outlets, we know this was a special home for many Alaska and Horizon employees over the years. Goodbye forever, Concourse A…but we can’t wait to say hello to the new Concourse B, with its high ceilings, natural light and indoor plants, in Summer 2021.  

Steadily preparing for new main terminal construction

Wondering why the ceiling tiles are missing in the ticket lobby at PDX? And why construction crews are removing the column wraps to see the steel columns underneath? This is all part of the early “enabling” work for construction on the new main terminal at PDX, which begins in early 2021.

Crews are looking at the current infrastructure and making plans for where electrical conduits for power and data, drains and other required systems will go when we expand the airport 150 feet to the west next year.