What’s Happening with PDX Next (Updated Aug. 4)

Concourse E Extension

Walk, Watch and Welcome Concourse E

The Concourse E extension – our bright and beautiful new home for Southwest Airlines – opened on July 15. If you walked down the concourse, you already know it has a “very Portland” vibe with views of Mt. Hood and the Columbia River, bites from Oregon’s own Tillamook and two installations from Pacific Northwest-raised artist Jacob Hashimoto.

For those who haven’t yet seen it in person (or just can’t get enough!), we’ve got you covered.

Don’t Miss Your Discount

Several new Concourse E concessions are open and ready to greet you with treats and treasures! Stop by Your Northwest Travel Mart (20% off), Jamba (15% off) and Tillamook (10% off) to take advantage of your PDX employee discount. And don’t miss Calliope, a new shop from the owners of ccMcKenzie focused on accessories, gifts and creative keepsakes.

Thanking the Incredible Makers

As a thank you to the community of architects, engineers, construction workers and airline employees who helped create the Concourse E extension, PDX recently hosted our first ever drive-in movie. Held on the 7th floor of the short term parking garage, the event celebrated everyone’s incredible efforts and contributions. What was the feature film? The appropriately-titled Incredibles 2, of course! We also screened a short film about the makers behind Concourse E, which starred many members of the drive-in audience.

New Concourse B

Artist RYAN! Feddersen Awarded Concourse B Commission

A unique art installation will be permanently displayed on Concourse B, home of Alaska Airlines’ shorter flights, when it opens in 2021. RYAN! Feddersen, a Pacific Northwest artist, was selected to produce three interconnected artworks – the “Sentinel” landscapes, abstract “Habitat Tiles” and gently rolling “Cloud Walk” – that celebrate the region’s history, natural wonders and people.

Feddersen uses a variety of mediums to create large-scale sculptures, installations and murals that provide engaging experiences for the public. Her work demonstrates that art can help translate and enhance our relationships to one another and the environment. Learn more about RYAN!’s work in this conversation with the artist.

Next Step: Steel Structure

Pile driving for Concourse B is complete and walkway foundations are being poured. What’s next? Putting in the steel structure. Start getting excited now… the new concourse is set to open in October 2021!

MAX Red Line Platform Reopens…Then Closes Again

Remember when we closed the Portland Airport station on the MAX Red Line due to Concourse B construction? In good news, the station will temporarily reopen from Aug. 2-29 due to TriMet’s Steel Bridge MAX Improvements project. But don’t get too excited – the PDX station will close again when the Steel Bridge work is complete, and a PDX shuttle bus will once again run continuously between the Mt. Hood and Portland Airport stations.

Parking & Rental Car Center

Construction Continues with Poured Floors

Over at the Parking & Rental Car Center, floors are being poured and construction is right on schedule. If you want to keep up with what’s underway, we’ve got two webcams: The first webcam focuses in one spot, while the view from the second webcam changes every few minutes.

New Main Terminal

A Sustainably-Sourced Sneak Peek

All the ceiling tiles have now been removed from the ticket lobby, one more step toward starting major construction on a new main terminal at PDX next year. As you might recall, over the next few years, we’re crafting a beautiful, sustainably-sourced wood roof that’s being built in sections at a construction site just south of Portland Airport Fire and Rescue. Those sections will then be transported to their final positions over the expanded terminal starting in 2022.

We’re pouring our heart into the new main terminal and raising the roof to bring in more light and more great views of the Pacific Northwest. Our inspiration? Walking on a forested trail and connecting with nature in a space that’s familiar, intimate and informed by the scale of PDX.

While design work is still underway, we wanted to give you a taste of what’s to come, so here’s a sneak peek at a few of the renderings. Stay tuned for more views of the new main terminal in September, when we’ll also be able to share details of what you can expect during construction.

B/C Exit Lanes Close Aug. 10

This week, barricades are being installed to prepare for the closure of the B/C exit lanes on Monday, Aug. 10. The B/C checkpoint itself isn’t closing, but hours continue to be limited to 4:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The exit lane closure is the first step as we make room for the westward expansion of the terminal, which will grow by 150’ in Spring 2021. To limit traveler disruption, the B/C checkpoint will eventually move south lane by lane, so that it will never fully close.

So what do these changes mean for you? Some things will stay the same…

  • Employee lanes at the TSA checkpoint won’t change, and you can always use the D/E checkpoint if the B/C employee lanes are closed.
  • If you have proper security clearance, you can continue to use the bypass doors.

…and there will be a few adjustments to your normal route:

  • You’ll now exit Concourse B/C on the west side near the restrooms, opposite from where the exit lanes were previously located. 
  • The relocated exit will only be open when there are flight arrivals on Concourse C – typically from 4:45 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. Outside of those times, you’ll need to use the Concourse Connector to access the D/E exit lanes.    
  • Flight crews can use the Known Crew Member lane at the D/E checkpoint. Alternately, they can use the employee or pre-check lane at the B/C checkpoint.

More Closures and Changes

You might have noticed a few moves both inside and outside the terminal. Related to the westward expansion mentioned above, the lactation room on Concourse B is now closed – the closest lactation room is near Gate D2.

In case you missed it, the motorcycle parking area at PDX relocated along the south end of Island 3. It will be there for about six months to accommodate PDX Next construction needs and will continue to be free for use. Also on the move: The pet relief area, which is now on the south lower roadway in front of the police vehicles.