We’ll Keep You Posted Campaign Springs Up Around the Terminal

When you head to work at PDX, you might notice that things are starting to look and sound a little different. There are walls where there weren’t any before, and you can hear construction noises coming from what was once Clocktower Plaza.

Feeling a little confused? Don’t worry, we left you a note!

Starting on Tuesday, May 4, you’ll see our new campaign pop up around the terminal. Using giant post-it notes with doodle-like artwork and smile-worthy messages, the campaign aims to help keep employees and travelers alike smiling through construction impacts. And, at a more practical level, we hope the post-its act as quick hits of vital information that can prepare, reassure, guide and engage everyone at the airport.

This mock-up gives you a sneak peek at the giant post-its and doodle-like art.

To give you a sense of what’s in store, check out these lines designed to convey construction impacts including noise, dust and vibrations:

May Be Some Clangs and Dings
While We Work on Things

Some Dust Here and There
But We’ll Get You in the Air

You Might Feel Us Digging
But It’s All Good Vibes

Ultimately, We’ll Keep You Posted is about acknowledging a significant change at PDX, turning lemons into lemonade with an upbeat perspective, and turning eyes to the sky and toward the future. Change can be challenging, but current construction realities are necessary part of new and beautiful beginnings.

We know both PDX and the world look very different right now, and we’re here to help you through the differences with a smile. What’s coming next? We promise to keep you posted.