Stay Safe, Stay Smart: Airport Rules Get Update

From knowing which bypass doors get you to Concourse D the fastest to being aware of your surroundings, being knowledgeable at PDX is not just business – it’s a core PDX People value.

Staying up to date on airport policies and PDX rules is an important part of your job. They are included in all leases and agreements signed by airport tenants and every employee is required to follow them. Additionally, the mandatory training to obtain your PDX security badge also references the airport rules.

Earlier this year, several new amendments were added to the PDX rules. To help you stay informed, we’ve put together a quick overview of what’s new.

Updated security regulations in Chapter 3 are especially important to note as they affect most badged airport employees:

  • Section 2.3: The Port of Portland has the discretion to deny or revoke a PDX security badge at any time, especially when conduct poses threat to aviation security.
  • Section 2.6: Escorting anyone with a suspended or revoked badge is strictly prohibited.
  • Intentionally displaying an expired badge is forbidden and can be classified as criminal trespassing.
  • Section 9: Employees must comply with screening for prohibited items when they enter restricted areas. Repeat offenders will be denied access in the restricted areas and maybe subjected to exclusion from the airport.
  • Section 15: In the interest of holding each tenant and business accountable for their employees, language has been added to put more responsibility on authorized signatories when it comes to sanctioning and returning PDX security badges, as well as reinforcing security rules.

There are several other changes to the PDX rules that may impact your work:                  

  • Chapter 1, Section 3(c): An airfield driving violation is a basis for suspending or revoking your PDX security badge.
  • Driving violation penalties are now listed in the enforcement matrix in Chapter 3. What’s the enforcement matrix? It’s a guideline used by the airport security and airside operations teams for issuing penalties for security violations.
  • Chapter 12: Smoking is prohibited in any enclosed areas at PDX. Signs mark the outdoor smoking areas and will note any changes to these locations.
  • Chapter 1, Section 4.3: If someone is denied entry into the restricted area, Port of Portland Police can issue a short-term exclusion for up to 48 hours.
  • Chapter 1, Sections 6-9: An employee or business can appeal an enforcement action with a hearing. There are updates to the requirements for requesting a hearing and the hearing procedure.

Finally, here are a few other important airport policies that are helpful to note.