Only in 2020: Reflections from the Port of Portland

How many times have you said, “Only in 2020,” any time a new, unimaginable story popped up this year? Pandemic. Murder hornets. Wildfires. Only in 2020!

This has been a trying, difficult and strange year for our region. Still, despite everything that 2020 has thrown at us, we’re inspired by the many ways our partners and colleagues went above and beyond to lift up those around them.  

As we close out 2020, we’re taking some time to remember these moments of kindness.

Our Marine Team Kept Goods Moving

Our Marine partners kept important goods moving in and out of the region. Terminal 6 was buzzing, and workers kept things safe and productive. Truly, our Marine colleagues and partners showed us what community is all about.

A Year Like No Other at PDX

It was certainly a year unlike any other at the Portland International Airport. While the airport looked a lot different, one thing remained the same: amazing people stepping up to do great things for one another.

Reflections on Environmental Sustainability

We’re grateful to all our partners who helped us advance our environmental and clean energy goals. And we’re inspired by our region’s young people, who stepped up to lead environmental cleanup and habitat restoration efforts.

Our Port Community Comes Together

Plane flying into the sunset over Mt. Hood

In a year that brought so much heartache, Port staff worked to turn these hard moments into meaningful connections to help each other heal. One employee even made a video that has brought joy and hope to the region as we close out this year.

Thank you to all our partners who stepped up to help this year. We’re grateful to all of you.