New Safety Campaign Rolls Out Around the Terminal

Starting Monday, June 15, you’ll see some new faces around the terminal.

The cast of characters seen on the airport’s new Travel Safe signs come from the mind of Steve Cowden, senior designer at the Port of Portland. He’s also the man responsible for other notable PDX campaigns including Clocktower 30 and our Here, There and Everywhere summer concessions events – you might even own an enamel pin or two designed by our resident illustrator.

The goal of the new campaign is to build confidence that traveling at PDX is safe by communicating real and responsible actions in a friendly manner. The characters help humanize the safety messages and bring racial, age and gender diversity to the signs. All of the signs were reviewed for clarity and inclusivity by a focus group of travelers, employees, tenants and our partners at Lara Media.

What We’re Telling Travelers

The signs share rules and guidelines to help travelers and employees stay safe at PDX. We also launched a new website with travel tips at

Here’s what you should know:

  • Face coverings required: Face coverings are required at PDX. Don’t worry, we can still see you smile.
  • Stay six feet apart: We rearranged gathering spaces, like our food court areas, to help you keep your distance from others. You may also see one-way directional signs in busy places throughout the airport.
  • More cleaning and sanitizing measures: We increased cleaning in our high-touch areas – like the escalator and moving walkway handrails, food court tables and chairs, and bathrooms. We continue to disinfect these areas with hospital-grade cleaning products. We already had more than 50 hand sanitizer stations located throughout PDX. We added 35 more stations to make it even easier to find one.
  • Protect yourself and others: While at PDX, wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. As much as possible, try to minimize the number of things you touch while moving through the terminal. And if you’re feeling sick, please stay home and check in with your doctor.

How You Can Help

As an airport ambassador, we appreciate your help communicating these guidelines to travelers.

Set a good example by wearing your face covering at all times in the terminal. This includes pedestrian tunnels and the rental car center. Wearing a face covering helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 and shows kindness and consideration of your fellow airport employees and travelers.

If you see a traveler who isn’t wearing a face covering, you can offer them a polite reminder that face coverings are required at PDX. If the conversation becomes uncomfortable, you can always call the Comm Center at 503.460.4747.

If a traveler is in need of a face covering, we have some available for those who either forgot theirs or don’t have one. Check in with any airport operations staff – they should be able to assist.

If a traveler has additional safety needs, please direct them to call or text 503.460.4234 to reach customer service.

Thank you for your help – the health of each of us depends on the health of all of us.