Meet the Interns: Katlynn Backus, the Academic Achiever The Port Needs

At the Port of Portland, we aim for achievement…but Katlynn Backus goes beyond.

Her undergraduate alma mater, Drake University, was just the beginning of a phenomenal academic career. Majoring in not one or two, but three fields – English, History, and Law, Politics and Society – she was well-prepared to take her place at the University of Oregon School of Law.

Now in her third and final year of law school, Katlynn saw that the Port’s legal internship offered the hands-on opportunities to experience a variety of topics. Her day-to-day responsibilities include assisting attorneys with research on legal matters and issues as they arise, writing memos to discuss these issues and how they affect the Port’s organization, and attending meetings with the attorneys.

“Everyone I’ve met is so welcoming and the projects I’ve discussed with the attorneys seem really interesting and incorporate matters that I’ve studied in law school,” she said. “My favorite aspect of the position is the range of legal topics I get to work on and seeing how they intersect. These are important skills to learn as an attorney, and I hope to use them after my internship as I study for the bar exam.”

When she isn’t working at the Port or hard at school, Katlynn is an avid reader, devouring a wide range of books in her spare time. After growing up in Fargo, North Dakota, she now enjoys Oregon’s scenic nature and loves to kayak and take frequent hikes in Forest Park.

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