Keep PDX Safe & Secure: Badgeholders should be AWARE

What’s the key to keeping PDX safe and secure as a badgeholder? Being AWARE:

Always display your security badge

  • Keep your badge visible, up-to-date and don’t allow others to use your badge.

Wear it above the waist on your outermost garment

  • This ensures other PDX employees will be able to recognize you and verify you’re permitted to be in the area.

Approach anyone in a restricted area whose badge is not clearly visible

  • Challenging is vital because it identifies people who are somewhere they are not suppose to be. If you see someone without a visible badge in a restricted area, you are required to challenge them. Also, you must cooperate with anyone who challenges you by showing your badge.

Review if they’re under escort

  • Ask questions, find out if the person you’re challenging is under escort – they may be with an employee that holds an “E” badge. If they’re not under escort, request to see their badge.

Engage and ask to see their badge

  • Confirm their badge photo matches the employee and it’s not expired. If they refuse your challenge, or don’t have a valid badge, it’s time to contact the PDX Communications Center at 503.460.4000. You can also call the Communications Center if you feel unsafe approaching someone.

Here’s one final tip: While being AWARE is critical, you can help avoid a potential challenge scenario by preventing unauthorized access. Be observant in doorways and in elevators to restricted areas and don’t allow anyone to trail behind you.