Calling the Comm Center? Be Ready for More Questions

Starting Tuesday, May 18, when you call the PDX Comm Center to report an emergency, you will be asked a few more questions than you’ve likely been asked before.

It’s important to know that answering these questions won’t delay the process of sending help. In fact, these questions will help the Comm Center be more consistent and accurate from call to call.

So you know what to expect, below are the first three questions you’ll always be asked:

  1. What is the location of the emergency?
  2. What is a number that I can call you back?
  3. Tell me exactly what happened.

Questions are designed to focus on scene and responder safety; fire/rescue and medical response; caller/bystander instructions; and gathering information for responders. For medical calls, you should expect questions about the patient – their age, if they are conscious and breathing normally and if they are completely alert.

Using a structured call taking process helps gather key details in a timely manner and correctly prioritize emergency responses. The process also includes pre-arrival instructions and scene safety recommendations to help keep employees and passengers safe.

Making this change also keeps the Comm Center aligned with the Bureau of Emergency Communications – Portland’s 9-1-1 center – for triaging fire and medical emergencies.

As a frontline employee, you’re empowered to call the Comm Center at 503.460.4000 when help is needed. Thank you for looking out for our travelers and everyone else who uses our airport.