Be Knowledgeable: Left Behind Items and Lost & Found

You’re walking down the new Concourse B when you stumble across a pair of prescription glasses on the ground. Do you know what to do next? If you said, “Take them to Lost and Found,” you’d be right!

Lost and Found is located on the north end of baggage claim, down the hallway across from carousel 10. During open hours, you should bring found items to this office. But if that’s not possible or if the office is closed, there are drop boxes in the following locations:

  • Outside Lost and Found in baggage claim
  • By the B/C and D/E TSA supervisor desks
  • On Concourse C near Henry’s Tavern
  • On Concourse E between Gates E7 and E8
  • In south baggage claim, behind the desk of the south information booth

Items put in the drop boxes will eventually go to Lost and Found, but if the lost item is essential  – think wallet, ID, medication, keys, cell phone or other necessities – call the PDX Communications Center at 503.460.4747 and let them know an essential item is in the drop box.

Keep in mind, Lost and Found’s open hours can vary from month to month based on staffing, but updated hours are always listed online. There’s also a place on the Lost and Found site where people can submit an inquiry about missing items – this is the best place to start if you or a visitor has lost an item at PDX.