PDX @ Home: Self Care With Aesthete Tea

Let’s face it: the last year has been tough and difficult for everyone. That’s why it’s important we take any moment we can find to practice self care — nourishing our body and mind. Enter Aesthete Tea, a Portland-based Woman, QBIPOC owned tea brand whose product is sold at Tender Loving Empire stores, including the one at PDX.

With the brand tagline “Long live the folk healer,” Aesthete Tea focuses primarily on herbal blends — “specifically ones that have energetic and medicinal qualities, allowing people to have a connection with herbs and the earth that we’re all part of,” according to founder Briana Thornton.

Briana sat down with us to talk about the role of tea in self care. As you’ll see in the video below, she believes tea can be one of the most powerful safe-care rituals we invest in right now.

“It doesn’t cost too much money, and all you really need is a few herbs and hot water to create it. In the mornings, just sitting down with your tea, paying attention to the herbs … it just gives you that connection to the earth in a time where we’re limited on where we can go and what we can do.”

Want to try some of Aesthete Tea’s flavors? We are giving away some of Briana’s tea, along with other Portland-based self-care items, on social media. Head to Twitter or Facebook to be entered to win. (PDX and Port of Portland employees are welcome to enter.)

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