Celebrating National Coffee Day at the PDX Airport

Happy National Coffee Day!

We take coffee pretty seriously here at the Portland International Airport (PDX), offering a mix of local independent coffee flavors and recognizable global brands. Not only is the Pacific Northwest a coffee haven, but coffee is essential at an airport. A perfectly roasted cup can be just what you need before hopping on that early morning flight.

While some shops are still closed due to lower travel numbers right now, you can still get your caffeine pick-me-up at a number of locations throughout PDX.

Dedicated coffee shops Portland Coffee Roasters and Stumptown – both local Portland favorites – are open and serving travelers and airport employees right now.

We caught up with employees from these two roasters to learn what it’s like to work at PDX and what coffee combinations (and secret menu items) they recommend.

Portland Coffee Roasters

You can find three Portland Coffee Roasters locations at PDX: in the ticket lobby, on the end of Concourse C, and in the North Lobby just beyond the Concourse D/E Security Checkpoint.

Why do you like about working at PDX?

I love working at the airport because each day is so unique. It also gives me, a representative of my company, a unique opportunity to connect our brand to both local Oregonians as well as visitors from all over! – Kate M.

Working at the airport is so interesting. I like the diversity and meeting new people every day. It’s always different, never the same day! – Savannah S.

Portland Coffee Roasters employees hold coffee and smile
Portland Coffee Roasters staff during a Coffee With A Cop event in April 2019.

What’s your favorite item on your menu?

My favorite item is usually the seasonal brewed coffee, and this seasonal is VERY special because it was produced by the farm from the owner of Portland Coffee Roaster, Mark Snell! He has operated a coffee farm in Tanzania for several years and each crop just gets better and better! We are very proud of his work there and love the chance to highlight it every chance we get! – Kate

I love our Caramel Frappes. They are sweet and the hint of coffee is great – Savannah

Any secret coffee recipes or menu items you’d like to share with travelers? 

Try an Espresso Con Panna! 2 shots of our St. John’s Espresso with Whipped Cream. We make our own whipped cream too so it’s extra special! – Kate

Get the Black/White Mocha! It is a little sweeter than a mocha, so it feels more decadent without adding too much sugar. – Savannah

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown is located in the South Lobby just after you pass through the Concourse B/C Security Checkpoint.

Why do you like about working at PDX?

I love working at PDX because it feels like home. I have been here for almost 15 years and I truly love the environment. I love the customer interaction and the warm faces of my fellow airport employees. I feel safe here, I take pride that I work at the best airport in the world. I try to make sure my staff feels the same! I’m a big advocate for customer service and PDX has helped me reach a higher expectation of service that I’m proud of. – Ebony P.

I like the array of different people from all over that you get to meet while working at the airport. – Chris S.

What’s your favorite item on your menu?

The Vanilla Latte. – Ebony

An Iced Americano with caramel. – Chris

Any secret coffee recipes or menu items you’d like to share with travelers? 

Try our Cold Brew with Vanilla Cream and a dash of Cinnamon … delish! – Ebony

Not really a secret menu item, but an Iced London Fog with oat milk is amazing! Earl Grey tea over ice with vanilla and oat milk. – Chris

Those are some delicious new coffee combinations to try thanks to a few of the great PDX People working at the airport.

Other locations at PDX also offer brewed coffee, including Flying Elephant’s Deli in our pre-security Clocktower Plaza area, the newly opened Tillamook Market on Concourse E, and McDonald’s on Concourse C.

Tillamook Market is serving up Thornton Coffee, a family-owned coffee roaster based in Beaverton, Oregon.

Check out the full list of restaurants and shops that are currently open on our Travel Safe website (Note: their hours may vary right now). And we hope you enjoy a soothing cup of coffee on National Coffee Day.

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