PDX Now Delivers Food to Your Gate

When it comes to operating the Portland International Airport, we’re always asking ourselves: how can we make the airport people love even better?

Well, we think we found one answer that might make a few hungry travelers happy.

In March, PDX launched a partnership with app-based service AtYourGate to deliver food and retail goods to travelers at the airport. AtYourGate, described by Willamette Week as “an in-airport Postmates,” brings you the great PDX food and shopping you love with the convenience you crave.

AtYourGate launched at PDX with options from more than 10 restaurants and retailers, including Kenny & Zuke’s Delicatessen, Bangkok Express, Pendleton and Tender Loving Empire. And they have plans to add even more in the future.

We’re the first airport to go beyond basic delivery and offer three convenient options: order and pick up yourself, delivery for now (within an hour of flight) or scheduled delivery (up to 24 hours before flight). Travelers will have the option to select specific delivery locations at almost any spot in the airport.

Yes, almost anywhere.

Earlier this month, Alaska Airlines pilot Steve had a quick 20-minute stop at PDX before he had to be on his way. Knowing he had to transfer to a different plane and prep for the next flight, Steve didn’t have enough time to run into the terminal and grab food. He was also hungry, and nobody wants a hungry pilot. Steve used AtYourGate to order some Kenny & Zuke’s. Not only did he get food before his flight, it was hand-delivered by AtYourGate employee David Mitchell.

Move over, curbside service … we’re all about planeside service!

This is not the first time David has gone above and beyond for travelers and pilots at the airport. Before joining AtYourGate, he worked at the Port of Portland and then was an employee for Horizon. We’re so lucky to continue to have his great customer service here!

Airlines are getting in on the fun as well. On a Friday afternoon, Delta ordered 225 items from McDonald’s for a flight dealing with an unfortunate departure delay. AtYourGate delivered it to the gate using the airport baggage carts, helping ease the pain—and hunger—for a few travelers.

Got an early morning flight and want a breakfast sandwich waiting for you before stepping onto the plane? No problem. Are you a family of five that finds it hard enough to simply get through security, let alone lug everything to a restaurant to get food? We’ve got you covered.

To take advantage of everything AtYourGate offers on your next journey to PDX, download the app for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or by clicking here. You can also enjoy free delivery on your first purchase by entering the promotion code “AYGFREE” with no minimum order requirement.

For some, nothing replaces the joy of sitting down, soaking in the sights and sounds of the airport, and relaxing with some food and wine. PDX still has plenty of that, but we’ve added a few more convenient options for travelers and flight crews who are on the go and need something quick.