Remembering 2018: Our Top Stories

Portland International Airport

It was a busy year in 2018, and we’re grateful we got to spend it bringing you stories about our team, the people we serve in the region, and our connections around the globe. Here’s a look back at our most-read Portside stories in 2018, and to doing big things together this year. And as always, please share your story ideas with us.


What’s the Future of Terminal 6?

The best model is multi-use. We spent several months studying what a sustainable business model for container shipping at Terminal 6 looks like. The conclusion: the most viable business model is a multi-use terminal that dedicates revenues from other terminal activities to support container service.






Peek through Portal into PDX’s Future (Video)

Peek into Portland International Airport’s future through this time-lapse video, or see it in person next time you fly PDX. A giant mural near Gate E5 showcases additional space we are constructing beyond the end of Concourse E. Watch the magic happen as the 30-foot-wide, nearly two-story image comes to life.





Homegrown Blount International Remains on Industry’s Cutting Edge

If you work in Oregon, there’s a good chance your job is linked to trade, as it’s one of the most trade dependent states in the nation. In this interview, Scott Koepping with Blount International, Inc., explains how free and fair trade is critical for growing their business in all corners of the world, and outlines their approach to success for more than 70 years.





Cruise Through Our New Facility Readying Rental Cars For You (Video)

Learn what happens before you take the rental car keys at Portland International Airport on this video drive-through. Last year, we joined project partners in celebrating the opening of our new PDX Quick Turnaround facility where rental cars get fueled, washed, stored, and ready for you.





Find Out How Walt Froman Keeps PDX Shops & Restaurants a Step Ahead

Walt Froman isn’t afraid to step up when it comes to overseeing Portland International Airport shops, restaurants and services. In fact, he logs over 25,000 each day on his step counter, leading our PDX concessions operations team, and going the distance for your quality travel experience.






Fun Facts about 7 PDX International Destinations

Are any of Portland International Airport’s nonstop international destinations at the top of your travel list? Still deciding? Consider this list of fun facts from seven amazing places you can reach by simply hoping on one flight.






Learn How Kanisha Williams Plans Your PDX Experience

Enjoy the shops, restaurants and services at Portland International Airport? Meet our Kanisha Williams, whose planning helps make them that way, as she describes one of the unique jobs you’ll find here.






Discover How Dutch Bros Design Brings You PDX

If you fly or work at Portland International Airport, you’ll feel right at home in the new Dutch Bros Coffee in PDX Travel Center. That’s no coincidence. Kevin Murphy designed it that way. As location owner, he wanted to create a public space instilling pride in PDX travelers and workers.





Seven Out of the Box Facts about Containers

Most of us are familiar with the containers used to transport a variety of cargo. In July, Terminal 6 received a special delivery: more than 400 empty containers that were the cargo—new boxes put into circulation as part of the global supply chain. These containers are for domestic shipping, moved by rail, and are 53 feet in length, unlike the standard TEU or 20-foot-equivalent unit container used for international ocean shipping.





PSU Students Imagine Development of Hillsboro Airport

How would you design commercial and real estate development near the Hillsboro Airport terminal building over the next 20 years? That was the assignment and friendly competition for two teams of students in the Portland State University Master of Real Estate Development Program. The project ran in conjunction with our update of the airport’s master plan.