Six Ways to Energize Your Wellness Program

We’re proud to be named one of the healthiest employers in Oregon this year by Portland Business Journal. Here are six tips for keeping your program fit.


1. Offer a wide range of wellness activities
We offer our team a wide range of health and wellness activities such as fitness classes, walking challenges, meditation and yoga workshops, cooking and nutrition demonstrations, financial health resources, and stress management.




2. Provide access for everyone
Our program is available to our entire team, whether in group participation like walking competitions; individual events such as mindfulness class, or webinars ranging from cooking classes to health care basics.




3. Incentivize
To encourage participation, we incentivize. Through participation, our team earns discounts on their health care premiums or additional Health Savings Account contributions. Some activities also have opportunities for awards or prizes like gift cards and even paid time off.




4. Empower your wellness culture
Efforts like our free on-site gym and formal and informal wellness competitions promote our wellness culture. That leads to our team challenging each other in step competitions, playing lunchtime pick-up soccer and basketball games, and discussing healthy eating options with one another.



5. Welcome ideas
Our team takes initiative on new wellness activities and we welcome those ideas. That’s led to efforts like better equipping our bike storage room, organized team runs, and even offering free snow park passes.




6. Measure success
Monitoring activity participation, and offering free on-site biometric screening, allows our health care providers to anonymously report the overall health of our team to help us measure success and fine-tune our wellness program for the next year.